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Pheasant Noodle Soup

Pheasant Soup

Homemade Pheasant Noodle Soup This delicious homemade pheasant soup will warm your soul. This old-fashioned pheasant noodle soup partners well with homemade dinner rolls, and is one of the most comforting comfort foods you’ll ever eat. Instant Pot Pheasant Soup Recipe This is a dump-and-go pheasant noodle soup recipe, allowing you to prep the instant …

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Shepherd's Pie

Best Hunter’s Pie (Venison Shepherd’s Pie)

The hunter’s version of Shepherd’s pie, using ground deer meat (or ground elk meat) instead of ground lamb or ground beef (also known as Cottage Pie). Venison Shepherd’s Pie Ingredients Hunter’s Pie Equipment How to Make Shepherd’s Pie Other Delicious Venison Recipes: Sources:

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Best Lumpia Recipe

One of the Best Lumpia Recipes Here is one of the best, easy lumpia recipes I’ve found using ground beef. I actually use ground venison instead of beef, but the recipe could be used for either without alterations. (I’m fortunate enough to be able to hunt deer in the corn belt, so the deer I …

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