Peach Brandy Recipe

Best Homemade Peach Brandy Recipe (Easy Recipe)

This Recipe Also Makes Peach Wine

If you have a peach tree and have tons of your own peaches to use up, try making peach brandy. Peach brandy only requires a few ingredients (peaches, sugar, and water) and time for fermentation. I don’t usually enjoy the taste of most liquor (I do however drink light beer and malt beverages), however, this recipe made the best tasting moonshine I have ever tried. I like it more than apple pie moonshine! The method we use produces homemade peach liqueur at about 25% (Fireball is 33% for reference). You can smell the alcohol, however, you cannot taste it (which is why I think it is the best peach moonshine recipe). In fact, this stuff is so good (and so easy to make), we planted more peach trees so that we can make more of our own peach brandy! This recipe can also be diluted a bit to make homemade peach wine.

You can Customize Your Peach Schnapps

Some people will add cinnamon sticks, or lemon zest to enhance the peach flavor, making a peach cobbler moonshine. You can also add dry yeast to the recipe to jump start the fermentation process (giving you peach schnapps sooner). However, by late summer I try to conserve my time and energy for preserving my vegetable garden, so I prefer to keep it simple (no added hard work). We have tried peeled peaches, quartered and pitted peaches, and whole peaches. The results were nearly identical between the methods. Since I am lazy, I don’t see the need for added work for the same result, so I use clean whole peaches. We usually prepare our peaches, ferment them until the following fall (the perfect time for us is after the fall garden harvest), bottle the finished product into pretty bottles, and give some of them as Christmas gifts (make sure you have enough brandy prepared).

Peach Moonshine Does Not Need Special Equipment

You do not need tons of expensive equipment to get started making your own alcohol. With this homemade brandy recipe, you only need the ingredients, a large glass jar (Amazon affiliate link), and a cool place to store them. You do not need to buy an expensive stone crock, fruit press, specialty wine yeast, coffee filters, siphons, sanitizing solutions, etc for this peach recipe to work.

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How to Make Peach Brandy Recipe

Peach Brandy

Best Homemade Peach Brandy Recipe (Easy Recipe)

Create the best homemade peach brandy with this extremely easy recipe, using only 3 ingredients!
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
Fermentation Time 183 d
Course Drinks
Servings 32 ounces


  • Mason Jars


  • 6 lbs whole peaches about 10
  • 3 cups sugar more or less
  • 32 ounces water more or less


  • Place a layer of peaches in the jar.
  • Add some sugar to coat the peaches.
  • Repeat the process until the jar is 3/4 full.
  • Place lid loosely on the jar, allowing fermentation gas to escape.
  • Store for at least 6 months in a cool dark place.
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