Dirty Hoes Gardening

Dirty Hoes Gardening

Strawberry Plant

Strawberry Season: Strawberries Everywhere

Strawberry Season Has Arrived Learn about the health benefits of homegrown strawberries over store bought, how to grow your own strawberries, strawberry storage options, and some of our favorite strawberry recipes. Health Benefits of Strawberries Strawberry nutrition ranks pretty high, as strawberries contain tons of vitamin C. Strawberries also contain vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin …

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Rhubarb Recipes


Rhubarb Benefits Rhubarb has been used as a traditional medicine for over 2,000 years. Historically, rhubarb consumption is used to treat constipation, inflammation, viral infections, diabetes, and tumors. The main pharmacological ingredient is emodin, and the main source of consumption of it is from eating rhubarb. The roots and rhizomes of rhubarb contain about 2.31 mg/g of …

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